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Who is D.Y.K.?



Vojtech says…

“Everyone tries to find their own way in life, musician the musician's, carpenter the carpenter's. It takes only a while for some, while it may be a lifelong journey for others. I have taken another step on my own path, into my inner self as an author, into my musical universe, into a world without frontiers. I went as far as New York to invite foreign musicians and thanks to Ondřej Pivec and Kennedy Administration I finally made an album containing only my original music. I left the comfort zone of the Czech Republic and sang in places where nobody knows Vojtěch Dyk. As a result, D.Y.K. may show whether there's really something in him. It was a completely liberating feeling that resulted in a completely free-spirited record.”

Vojtěch Dyk

Ondrej says…

“When Vojtěch Dyk approached me that he would be interested in working with me on a new project, I had no idea how extensive and artistically satisfying work I had ahead of me. Combining Vojta's natural talent, Kennedy's incredible writing ability, New York musicians and the environment that I was able to provide thanks to my bandmates from The Kennedy Administration – resulted, as I see it, in an exceptional and unusually high-quality project that has the potential to make history in music. Working on D.Y.K. was a great pleasure for us, and I hope the result shows it.”

Ondřej J Pivec