DYK official



Dear friends. First of all I would like to thank you for buying this very first D-Y-K CD. Secondly, I would like to thank some of the great people and places we met on this long journey towards our own original CD, as well as people who were an inspiration and influence, directly or indirectly. They are: my wife Tatiana, our kids Frantisek, Cyril and Alois, my mom Vera, dad Radko, sister Kristina, Ondre J Pivec, Kennedy, all the musicians who participated in this CD, Matej Benko, Michael Krasny, Michal Zacek, B-Side family, Tomas Filip (Universal), Jan and Jarka Brkl, Marek Vrabec, Honza Malir, Tino Kratochvil, Lucie Netusilova Karafiatova, Lucie Simunkova, Josef Buchta, Radek Pivoda, Pavla Fendrichova, Miss Eva, Jake Lummus, Bassy Bob Brockmann, Vic Anesini, Ken Wallace, Nikky Birch, Deneka Peniston, Jakub Zagar, Birdland, NYC, Prague, Brno (well no, that was just a joke)... and thanks to god...

D-Y-K (Vojtech Dyk)